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Aug 2020: Dr. Ivey is a panelist for the American Lung Association Screening of "Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air." Watch the panel discussion here

Aug 2020: AQMEL is awarded a collaborative award from the Center for Ideas and Society to investigate COVID-19, air pollution, and vulnerability in the Inland Empire.

Aug 2020: AQMEL is awarded a collaborative grant from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation to investigate the impact of eco-transportation on local air quality.

June 2020: AQMEL is awarded a collaborative grant from the University of California Institute of Transportation Studies to analyze the changes in traffic patterns and localized air quality in the Inland Empire during the COVID-19 shutdown. 


Apr 2020: Dr. Ivey is the guest speaker for the UC Riverside Department of Bioengineering graduate seminar series.

Apr 2020: Ph.D. student Khanh Do is awarded the Esther F. Hays Graduate Award. Congratulations Khanh!

Mar 2020: Dr. Ivey joins the CNAS  Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program.

Feb 2020: Undergraduate researcher Jasmin Velasquez is awarded a Winter/Spring 2020 Mini-Grant from the Undergraduate Education office for her project, "Exploring the effects of the expanding of the hemp industry on air quality in the Central Valley, CA."

Jan 2020: Dr. Ivey hosts Horiba U.S. President at CE-CERT for a collaboration kick-off meeting.

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Dec 2019: AQMEL is awarded a 2019 Community Air Grant from the California Air Resources Board in partnership with the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice. 

Dec 2019: Dr. Ivey convenes an eLightning session on "Integrating Human Response into Air Pollution Studies" at the 2019 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Nov 2019: Dr. Ivey is a seminar guest for the UCR Data Science Center where she gives an overview of past and present research activities. 


Oct 2019: Dr. Ivey presents a poster at the 18th Annual CMAS Conference in Chapel Hill, NC

Oct 2019: Dr. Ivey is invited to speak at the Fall 2019 Earth Science Colloquium of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York, NY

Oct 2019:  Graduate student Khanh Do presents his poster at the 37th Annual Conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research in Portland, Oregon.

Oct 2019: Dr. Ivey opens for the keynote speaker at the Riverside Green Summit

Oct 2019: Dr. Ivey organized and hosts the Girls in Engineering Math and Science (GEMS) conference on behalf of CE-CERT.  

Sep 2019: AQMEL is awarded a grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District to identify the meteorological drivers of ozone variability in the South Coast Air Basin. 

Sep 2019: AQMEL welcomes Dr. Marilyn Grell-Brisk, Environmental Social Science Specialist, to the group. She is an expert in sociocultural evolution and economic stratification. Welcome!

Aug 2019: Dr. Ivey presents a poster and oral presentation at the joint meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science and the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate in Kaunas, Lithuania (EU).

July 2019: Dr. Ivey presents a poster at the HAQAST 6 Meeting in Pasadena, CA.

July 2019: AQMEL publishes a paper in Atmospheric Environment (Impact Factor: 4.012), "Investigating fine particulate matter sources in Salt Lake City during persistent cold air pool events." 

June 2019: AQMEL welcomes TUNE (Training Undergraduates through Navy Engagement) undergraduate student Anthony Arteaga to the group!


June 2019: Dr. Ivey is awarded the 2018-2019 Regents Faculty Fellowship!

June 2019: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate student Hakam Qays to the group!

June 2019: Congratulations to graduate student Khanh Do on winning the Salim Khan Graduate Award!

May 2019: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate student Yi Ji to the group!

May 2019: Dr. Ivey presents at the 2nd Annual BREATHE Symposium, hosted by the UCR School of Medicine.

May 2019: Undergraduate researchers Ali Raza and Cole Lawless present posters at the 13th Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Symposium.


April 2019: Dr. Ivey is invited to speak at UC Irvine's Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate seminar

April 2019: Dr. Ivey presents at the CE-CERT DyMMS Workshop

April 2019: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate student Jasmin Velasquez to the group!


March 2019: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate students Cole Lawless and Saray Rodriguez to the group!

February 2019: Dr. Ivey attends the AWMA Conference, Impacts of Wildfires on Air Quality and Health, in Santa Rosa, California.

February 2019: AQMEL welcomes graduate volunteer Samiha Shahid and undergraduate student Jannatin Nisha to the group!

January 2019: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate student Ruoming Xu to the group!

January 2019: Dr. Ivey joins the SCAQMD Technical Advisory Group for AB 617.

2018  |  Back to Recent

December 2018: AQMEL graduate student Khanh Do is the recipient of the UCR GAANN graduate fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year. Congratulations Khanh!


December 2018: Sheba, AQMEL server, is up and running. Thank you to BCOE Systems for your hard work. 

November 2018: AQMEL welcomes undergraduate student Ali Raza to the group!


November 2018: AQMEL welcomes Ph.D. student Khanh Do to the group!

October 2018: Dr. Ivey is invited to present an overview of the group's research at the Riverside City College Chemistry Club's weekly seminar.


September 2018: Dr. Ivey attends the SCAQMD 4th Annual Environmental Justice Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

September 2018: AQMEL seeks one Ph.D. student to engage in meaningful air quality research. Please contact Dr. Ivey for more information. 

September 2018: AQMEL attends the 2018 International Aerosol Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

August 2018: AQMEL is awarded a seed funding grant from the Social Science Research Council (Sloan Foundation) for the proposed work titled "Characterization of Air Quality Disparities in Inland Southern California."  

August 2018: Dr. Ivey becomes an affiliate faculty member of the UCR Center for Geospatial Sciences

July 2018: Dr. Ivey becomes an affiliate faculty member of the College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) and BREATHE Center.

July 2018: Dr. Ivey joins the UCR Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department and AQMEL is formed. 

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