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Fall 2023 Updates

AQMEL concludes the Fall 2023 semester with exciting new research and conference activities. See below for updates!

This semester, we highlight Duncan's first paper, titled "Multidecadal Analysis of Meteorological and Emissions Regimes for PM2.5 Across California." His paper was featured as an ASAP Article in ACS ES&T Air's inaugural paper release. The work explores data-driven trends in chemistry and meteorology dependencies for PM2.5 and its speciated components at CSN sites across California. The state's heterogeneous climate regions and emissions patterns require unique mitigation strategies to achieve PM2.5 NAAQS attainment. Click here to read the paper, and congratulations Duncan!

We also celebrate other Fall 2023 AQMEL student achievements. Parker presented his first research poster, titled "Characterizing Mobility Patterns to Assess Microenvironment Air Pollution Exposure and Associations with Asthma Symptoms in Adolescents." The work was presented at the UCSF EaRTH Center, is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, and is led by Prof. Rosie De La Rosa of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Here, AQMEL's novel clustering approach was leveraged to assign exposures based on GPS positioning. Congratulations Parker! Srishti was awarded the 2024-2025 Scholarship of the American Council of Engineering Companies Bay Bridge Chapter. This award honors high achieving students in civil engineering. Congratulations Srishti!

Samantha Becaria, Dr. Ivey's mentee in the SEED Honors Program, presented her summer research (Cal State LA REU) at the 85th Annual Conference of the American Pacific Coast Geographers Research Conference. Her presentation was titled "LA Heat Risks in a Warming World," and she also served as session chair. Congratulations Samantha!

AQMEL members also participated in a number of exciting events this term. In November, CE 190 students (L to R) Srishti, Annjali, and Nikita accompanied Dr. Ivey at the 2023 Net Zero MZ-Eco Gala for Peace, Inclusion, and Sustainability at Stanford University. The event was hosted by the student-led organization, C & L Sustainability Foundation, and featured speakers in the areas of sustainability and environmental justice.

In December, AQMEL members will give three presentations at the 2023 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Duncan will present a poster on his recently published work. Prof. Lawal will present a poster on our NIH work. Dr. Ivey will give a summative talk on the group's work to address compounding emerging issues in disparately impacted communities. See below for links to the papers. Great work to all who contributed to these presentations!

Dr. Ivey was a featured speaker and/or conference organizer at several meetings this semester, including the ACS Fall Meeting (San Francisco, CA), MAC-MAQ (Davis, CA), AAAR (Portland, OR), and AGU (San Francisco).

We at AQMEL wish everyone a safe and healthy winter break!


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Raj Lal
Raj Lal
Dec 19, 2023

We see you, AQMEL!! Keep up the great work! Big congrats Duncan #ACM

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