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2021 Graduation Celebration!

In June, we celebrated the culmination of studies for four #AQMEL members! Jasmin is now working at the City of Riverside and is considering a future in graduate studies. Ivette is leading the CARB Community Air Grant as project specialist at CE-CERT (UCR). Ruoming will enter the UC Davis Master's of Chemical Engineering program in the fall. Yi will enter the UC Berkeley Environmental Engineering Ph.D. program with Dr. Ivey. Congratulations to these hardworking individuals who will no doubt impact our society and the environment for the better!

2021 End of Year Celebration
(L to R) Dr. Ivey, Jasmin Velasquez ('21 ChemE), Ivette Torres ('20 EnvSci), Ruoming Xu ('21 ChemE), and Yi Ji ('21 EnvE).


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