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Air Quality Modeling and Exposure Lab

Healthier Air. Healthier Life. 


AQMEL Mission

Hello and thank you for visiting the Air Quality Modeling & Exposure Lab website!


Our research centers on developing and applying advanced air quality modeling and data fusion approaches to characterize air pollution in the United States. These advanced approaches are used to answer questions related to community-scale exposure and source characterization. The lab is led by UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, Dr. Cesunica E. Ivey.  

Stay tuned for more updates to our new lab webpage! Meanwhile, feel free to peruse our recent publications!

Latest Publications

Environmental Science: Atmospheres 

"Emerging investigator series: a machine learning approach to quantify the impact of meteorology on tropospheric ozone in the inland southern California"

In our latest publication, we explore several regression and classification algorithms to understand the utility of machine learning in predicting ozone exceedances in southern California in a data-driven fashion. The strength of the algorithms lies in the abundance and quality of input data and the physical relevance of predictors. We recommend supervised applications of machine learning models and careful exploration of input variable interactions and model sensitivities before drawing conclusions about environmental implications.  


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