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Air Quality Modeling and Exposure Lab

Healthier Air. Healthier Life. 


AQMEL Mission

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Our research centers on developing and applying advanced air quality modeling and data fusion approaches to characterize air pollution in the United States. These advanced approaches are used to answer questions related to community-scale exposure and source characterization. The lab is led by UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, Dr. Cesunica E. Ivey.  

Stay tuned for more updates to our new lab webpage! Meanwhile, feel free to peruse our recent publications!

Latest Publications

Journal of Aerosol Science:

"A data-driven approach for characterizing community scale air pollution exposure disparities in inland Southern California"

In this work, we sought to determine the spatiotemporal variability in personal exposure to fine particulate matter in the inland portion of the South Coast Air Basin, where emissions sources are commonly adjacent to residential areas and secondary pollutant formation is extensive. In our pilot study, we measured daily PM2.5 exposure for 18 community participants from diverse backgrounds each for one week using advanced, real-time, wearable monitoring technology that samples every 15 seconds. Participants were also outfitted with fast-response GPS data loggers for precise microenvironment characterization. We introduce a GIS approach for elucidating the indoor, outdoor, and transient microenvironments in the Inland Basin that posed the highest risks for PM2.5 exposure.


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