Courses Taught

UC Riverside

CHE 100 Engineering Thermodynamics F18, W20

CHE 110A Chemical Process Analysis F19, F20

CEE 250I Workshop for Research Skills and Career Development S19

CEE 250I Writing Bootcamp: Lessons in Technical and Persuasive Writing for Manuscripts and Proposals W19

ENVE 134 Technology of Air Pollution Control S19, S20, S21

ENVE 135 Fate and Transport of Environmental Contaminants W21


Previous Institutions

Summer 2017: Introduction to Air Quality and Health, Shanghai University International Short Course Week

Spring 2017: PHYS 483 Computational Skills for Big Data, University of Nevada Reno


Fall 2015: Models-3 Workshop, Georgia Institute of Technology


Spring 2015: Guest Lecture, Environmental Modeling, Georgia Institute of Technology