Courses Taught

UC Riverside

Winter 2020: CHE 100 Engineering Thermodynamics

Fall 2019: CHE 110A Chemical Process Analysis

Spring 2019: CEE 250I Workshop for Research Skills and Career Development

Spring 2019: ENVE 134 Technology of Air Pollution Control

Winter 2019: CEE 250I Writing Bootcamp: Lessons in Technical and Persuasive Writing for Manuscripts and Proposals

Fall 2018: CHE 100 Engineering Thermodynamics


Previous Institutions

Summer 2017: Introduction to Air Quality and Health, Shanghai University International Short Course Week

Spring 2017: PHYS 483 Computational Skills for Big Data, University of Nevada Reno


Fall 2015: Models-3 Workshop, Georgia Institute of Technology


Spring 2015: Guest Lecture, Environmental Modeling, Georgia Institute of Technology






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